Our Creative Team aims to demonstrate who Jesus is and what He has done in people’s lives through song, video, and expression.  We aim to show Jesus’ love and inspire life change through various creative outlets.  Our team includes creative thinkers and artists who have a passion for music, art, video, photography, design, writing, marketing, and production.




An artist adds works to create an atmosphere around our worship environment, sometimes by creating backdrops and props, at other times by being an active part of the service by creating art during the service as a visible expression of our worship.  Artists work in any medium.  Commitment: Once ever three months.


A photographer will take live action shots during service and different events. Commitment: Serve as needed.

Planning Center Services – Slide Operator

The Slide Operator is in charge of the content displayed onscreen during the service. Onscreen visuals include scripture, lyrics, video, and anything else that needs to be displayed for the congregation to see.  Commitment: Serve two Saturdays a month.


A videographer will film weekly services, audio syncing and rendering of the video announcements. A videographer may also assist in different projects as needed. Commitment: Serve two Saturdays a month.

Worship Team Member

A Worship Team Member uses their gifts and abilities of voice or instrument to express gratitude for God and minister to the church body. Worship Team Members lead worship at Saturday services and other events as needed. Commitment: Once a month



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