There is no other story like the one of a passionately loving Father that gives his only Son to save his creation. This story has changed millions of lives and continues to do so today by bringing purpose and hope to everyone who dares to explore its veracity.  All of those who have been transformed by the Gospel story are called to share it with others who haven't heard it and encourage them to explore it personally.

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For people who like people, Embrace is a team that celebrates the comfort and warmth we feel when we see a friendly face.  Embrace meets people coming to God’s house, welcomes them into community, helps them connect with others, and guides them through the ministry experiences.


Our discipleship team seeks to build a culture of purposeful connection and diversity. From children to teens, millennials to adults, we see value and purpose in growing together in our journey of faith as we dive deeper into exploring our walk with Jesus and each other. It takes all kinds of people to meet all kinds of needs, and we seek to provide rich and meaningful environments to grow and connect in.


At Gather and Scatter we are committed to serving and strive to find ways to demonstrate the love of Jesus in meaningful ways.  Our mission is to give as Jesus gave, serve as Jesus served, and love as Jesus loved. We do this by encouraging and inviting all of our members to serve in both our church and the community.



The Worship Ministry exists to provide opportunities for the church to express the awesomeness of God. We are driven by the desire to create an environment where people have a chance to meet with God.